Simoné Nortmann
South African actress

“As a newly-engaged I wanted to “propose” to my bridesmaids in a special way, but didn’t have the time, resources, or administrative energy to do so. The answer: To Be Gift Boxes. I received my To Be Gift Boxes before they were due to launch. I’m getting married in February and Leandie and her team went the extra mile to prepare and send them to me in time. The end product and service was incrediby professional. The items are beautifully wrapped and the card inside gives it an added personal touch. Whereas I could have just sent them a chocolate and a note, these boxes made them feel so special, and I know that for all the effort and support they’ll lend to me before the big day, it’s truly worth it to make them feel celebrated and appreciated. I can recommend this product and service to every future bride!”

Carisa Botha

“I received your TO BE box from my stepsister for Christmas and it was an amazing surprise and gift. The perfume and the body lotion smells so nice. I get compliments everyday that I use it!”

Demie Brender

“I received my boxes and are beyond happy with my boxes. Thank you for all the effort and for making a part of the wedding planning so much easier and ‘funner’ : ) Your happiest client!”

Graeme Hedding

“I just want to thank you for the To Be Gift Boxes I reveived it today, simply incredible! Excellent service!”

Adrienne Eliot

“I received my To Be gift box today!!! Thank you so much for such a quick turnaround – I love all the contents. The dressing gown is just beautiful and it’s such great quality.What a pleasure it is to have everything so well organised. Thanks again!”